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Vesta Steel Siding

The first choice for architectural steel cladding for the home.

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Architectural Steel Siding

A Lifetime Limited Warranty that includes fading. Kynar® coating is superior at reflecting the hot, harmful rays of the sun to prevent fading or caulking and forms a thick film barrier that provides resistance against wear and chips.

Maintenance free siding that is an investment you can count on. You never need to caulk or repaint. Plus, Vesta Steel Siding won’t melt, crack, rot or collect mold like other siding materials.


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Timeless Design Choices, Endless Possibilities

5" Plank Profile
Horizontal, vertical, porch ceiling and vented soffit applications.
Solid plank panels are 12 feet long. Woodgrain plank panels are 8 feet long.
Zinc layer provides both a physical and cathodic protection, preventing moisture and corrosion from even having the opportunity to affect the steel core.
HD3 woodgrains
High, medium and low-key color tones. Six variegate designs for each Woodgrain color.
Kynar® Paint System
Kynar 500® 70% PVDF for Woodgrain colors and Kynar® 50% PVDF for solid colors. Kynar is a paint system that creates a thick film barrier which provides excellent resistance against wear, fade and chalking—keeping your siding beautiful for a lifetime.
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U.S. Copyrights
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