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Roofing Accesories

Quality Edge roofing accessories have unbeatable durability and are easy to install. Combined with a lifetime limited warranty and the strength you need for a professional appearance our drip edge perimeter flashing, roof flashing, and metal valley offer infinite possibilities.

Drip Edge

Quality Edge’s full line of drip edge and flashings provides the visual appeal homeowners are seeking and the performance sophisticated builders and contractors rely upon to protect roofs, exposed edges and other areas exposed to the elements. Available in a variety of material types and sizes to fit virtually all applications and color needs, from the smallest home to the largest commercial job.

Metal Valleys

Quality Edge valleys don’t only channel the rainwater to run off easily, they add strength where it’s needed most – in the center area of the flashing – to provide long term peace of mind. On top of that, our pre-formed metal product provides savings in installation time and labor. A better roof and a faster install makes a winning combination.

Step, Angle, Roll Flashing and More

Essential, yet so simple. Quality Edge flashings include a variety of solutions to complete any project. Flashings are designed to minimize water back-up while playing an important role in maximizing the life of roofs, windows and walls.

Ready to Start Your Project?

Our Quality Edge Contractor Network can connect you with multiple qualified and certified contractors within your specified location.