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How Soffits Work

Most soffit designs don’t provide enough continuous NFA to work with roof exhaust requirements. This results in most homes not being properly ventilated; and roof manufactures won’t provide warranty coverage on homes without proper ventilation. Improper ventilation not only impacts the health and wellbeing of the homeowner but the health of the home. Without proper ventilation, warm attic air can become trapped and stagnate leading to moisture and the formation of ice dams in winter.

Building a Healthier Home

When you enhance the ventilation, you enhance everything. With proper ventilation you can reduce the temperature in the attic, prolong the life of your roof and other building materials, and reduce energy cost.

Problems Associated with Poor Indoor Air Quality

Respiratory Diseases


Asthma Triggers

Certain Cancers

Heart Disease


Savings from a Roof that Lasts 30 years with Proper Install & Ventilation


Homes that Don’t Meet Basic Ventilation Requirements


Energy Savings from Proper Ventilation


Homeowners Breathing Unhealthy Air

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