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Vesta Fascia

Architectural accessories

Stronger by Design

Pre-engineered fascia is typically 33% thicker and 120% stronger than field bent trim coil with 16% fewer seams on average. With Architectural or Standard style Vesta Fascia, Quality Edge® has durable, low-maintenance accessories that are designed to complement the Vesta Steel Siding collection.

  • Timesaving Pre-Engineered Design
  • Durable Finish
  • Withstands Fade
  • Designed to offer a natural look and coordinate with all Vesta steel siding colors.

Architectural & Standard Styles

Both fascia styles are pre-engineered for better-looking and faster applications. Architectural Fascia uses a locking bracket to create a smooth, clean finish with no face nails. Architectural Fascia extends down 3/4″ past the soffit, creating a finished, inset look.

Fewer seams than trim coil. 10 ft lengths mean 20% less pieces and seams than trim coil.

Vesta Architectural Fascia & Lock

6″ & 8″

Quality Edge Vesta Fascia 6 inch
Quality Edge Vesta Fascia 8 inch

Vesta Standard Fascia

6″ & 8″

Quality Edge Vesta Fascia 6 inch
Quality Edge Vesta Fascia 6 inch

Vesta Fascia Colors

Kynar® paint resin delivers long-term durability that is unparalleled in the industry.

Solid Colors

463 Coal

466 Tourmaline

465 Sea Glass

467 Evening Shade

503 Eggshell

462 Silver Lining

414 Ironstone

280 White

HD3 Woodgrain Colors

483 Sand Dollar

482 Gilded Grain

481 Driftwood

480 Autumn Thistle

485 Aged Walnut

484 Dark Espresso

Explore All Colors

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TruCedar Steel Siding vs. Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding requires repainting every 5 -7 years despite its 50-year warranty and only a 15-year guarantee for the baked-on finish. It also poses safety risks due to silica dust release during installation, which can lead to serious lung diseases, especially for smokers, and incurs higher installation costs due to its weight, making it about 40% more expensive in labor, not to mention the eventual repainting costs over its lifetime.

Appearance Seams
TruCedar - None
Fiber Cement - Caulked Seams
TruCedar - None
Fiber Cement - Repaint Every 5 - 7 Years
Enviromentally Friendly
TruCedar - 100% Recyclable
Fiber Cement - Toxic (Silicosis)
TruCedar - 50 Year Kynar Paint
Fiber Cement - Paint Peels
Chalk & Fade Resistance
TruCedar - 50 Years
Fiber Cement - 5 - 7 Years
Warp Resistance
TruCedar - Yes
Fiber Cement - No
Moisture Resistance
TruCedar - Yes, it's steel
Fiber Cement - No, cracks and swells

Timeless Design Choices, Endless Possibilities

Available Options
Standard Fascia
6" Solid Fascia - 6FSVS
6" HD3 Woodgrain Fascia - 6FSVSHD3
8" Solid Fascia - 8FSVS
8" HD3 Woodgrain Fascia - 8FSVSHD3
Architectural Fascia
6” Solid Fascia - 6FSVSL
6” HD3 Woodgrain Fascia - 6FSVSLHD3
8” Solid Fascia - 8FSVSL
8” HD3 Woodgrain Fascia - 8FSVSLHD3
Material Availabilty
Solid Colors
Kynar®, CarbonTech90TM, Corrosion-Resistant Barrier
Woodgrain Colors
Kynar 500®, CarbonTech90TM, Corrosion-Resistant Barrier
Color Availability
11 Solids
6 HD3 Woodgrains
© Sand Dollar Woodgrain Artwork VAu1-378-183
© Driftwood Woodgrain Artwork VAu1-378-232
© Autumn Thistle Woodgrain Artwork VAu1-378-233
© Gilded Grain Woodgrain Artwork VAu 1-382-425


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