Creative Curb Appeal

Quality Edge provides contractors and builders with the most innovative soffit, siding, fascia, roofing accessories, siding accessories, gutter protection and trim coil to create solutions for homeowners that blend beauty, strength and sustainability.

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Inspirational Colors

Color grabs the eye, captures the imagination and makes a statement. At Quality Edge, we believe color options provides the homeowner a way to showcase their unique style, reflecting their design sensibility. With more accessory colors than any other manufacturer and our unique color technology and finishes, QE solutions will maintain their look and style for the life of the home.

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What Homeowners Want

What Homeowners Want

Homeowners want contractors who educate, inspire, showcase their quality, and provide options clearly to demonstrate what makes them different.

Homeowners look for contractors who:

  • Demonstrate Quality
  • Present Options
  • Show Their Differentiation
  • Discuss Warranty & Certifications

What Contractors Need

What Contractors Need

Contractors prefer distributor partners who provide insights, expertise, education, innovative products, options and the best overall support and value.

Contractors seek out distributors who have:

  • Product & Sales Insights
  • Building Code Expertise
  • Innovative Products
  • Design Options & Colors
  • Sustainable Solutions
We Create Solutions Homeowners Prefer and Contractors Love to Market

At Quality Edge, we are committed to:

Setting the Standard for Precision and Accuracy

Our goal is setting the industry standard for products, systems and performance – and growing a talented team that delivers with passion and precision.

Thinking Differently with Smart and Sophisticated Solutions

We enjoy solving problems with an intelligent and well-informed perspective and looking for new insights to show the world what’s possible with our designs.

Creating an Attentive and Connected Customer Experience

Our goal is helping our customers become more successful by listening to their needs, following up, and looking for ways to create amazing experiences.