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What Sets Us Apart

We believe that inspiring colors are the building blocks of great design and customers agree that color choice plays a pivotal role in their remodeling process. But the times are changing quickly and so are styling trends, leaving homeowners feeling increasingly challenged in seeking out their own, unique signature exterior style.

Whether it’s bold or quiet, bright or muted, warm or cool, we understand how exciting and overwhelming color can be. Lucky for you, we love creating innovative solutions for all of your design dilemmas. What can we say, we’re “details” kinda people.

New Year, New Color

Making Waves

Bold blues are breaking barriers this season by bringing balance and beauty to styles across the globe. In fact, Great Water closely mirrors Pantone color of the year (19-4052 Classic Blue) 2020. Great Water is a rich & distinct jewel-toned blue. With the familiarity of Navy and a splash of green, for extra life and spontaneity, Great Water is well suited to any look.

Ripple Effect 

For those whose hearts truly lie by the water, we’ve selected bonus blue hues to expand your styling palette this season.  Meet Sea Glass and Tourmaline; equally inspired and certain to bring a light and airy, all-over pop of color to your new look. Channeling the serene and restorative, Sea Glass is a relaxing, iced and frothy blue, perfect for breathing life into heavy hues and elevating mixed design materials of all types. Tourmaline is a playful, aqua-toned charmer that is easily balanced with warm woody hues and neutrals of all varieties & intensities. To find out more about these beautiful blues and their product availability, check out our new steel, plank siding profile, Vesta.

Botanical Brilliance 

Confident, grounded and everlasting, home styling is going green in a big way. From supple and subdued to bold, dark and mesmerizing, green gets us through every season optimistically and this year, all shades are welcome. As concern for the great outdoors peaks, homeowners find themselves seeking out this color range in particular to speak to the reverence and substance credited to one of mother nature’s most fashionable hues. Versatile and steadfast; these organic options possess universal connection and appeal, certain to compliment all building materials and add pop to landscaping all year long.