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TruVent Hidden Vent

The airflow you need. The design you desire.

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TruVent Heading

The TruVent Hidden Vent Soffit, with its 11.0 NFA, offers effective and concealed ventilation for homes. Designed and patented by Quality Edge, this aluminum ventilation solution combines aesthetics and performance. It facilitates the entry of cool, dry air through the soffit, replacing hot, moist attic air, thus contributing to a healthier home environment.

Performance & Design

Ventilation is at its best when it is invisible. Drawing the air you need to work with your home’s roof ventilation system without drawing attention to its source. TruVent® is the perfect expression of that idea.

  • 12″ width with 3.75″ panels. Available in 12 ft. length
  • Aluminum soffit
  • 0.019″ thickness
  • NFA Rating: 11.0
  • Q800 TuffTech finish
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Building a Healthier Home

When you enhance the ventilation, you enhance everything. With proper ventilation you can reduce the temperature in the attic, prolong the life of your roof and other building materials, and reduce energy cost.

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NFA (Net Free Area)
Cross I-Beam
Q800 TuffTech™
Aluminum 0.019"
Full Vent

12” Width
12 ft Lengths

Building Codes and Best Practices
Proper ventilation [more in-take through soffit than exhaust through roof vents] can lower the attic temperature by as much as 50°F, which significantly reduces the home’s heating and cooling, demands. Ridge and soffit vents help keep the attic space well-ventilated, preventing a build-up of moisture and reducing heat in summer. These vents can prolong the life of the roof.
Typical one foot soffit overhangs should have at least an 11 NFA, so when used on both sides of the home will have a combined NFA of 22 to draw the air flow needed to work with a ridge vent system.
U.S. Patent No: 7,137,224
Canadian Patent No: 2,496,496


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