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Gutter Coil & Components

Gutter Protection System

Gutter Coil

Quality Edge gutter components are strong and durable and come in a variety of colors to complement any exterior design.

  • 11 3/4″, 11 7/8″, and 15″ (commercial) widths available
  • 0.027″ or 0.032″ thickness
  • Aluminum
  • Q800 TuffTech™ finish


  • 0.019″ thickness
  • Aluminum
  • Q800 TuffTech™ finish on components

Q800 TuffTech Finish

A multi-purpose, polyester finish applied to high performance aluminum or steel. The metal is tempered for a rigid application and cleaner aesthetic for Quality Edge painted metal flashings. Q800 TuffTech provides:

  • A smooth matte texture
  • Resistance to sun, rain and other elements
  • Scratch, dirt and stain resistance
  • Great flexibility and formability

Color Availability

Quality Edge offers gutter coil and components in System Colors and select additional colors for today’s most popular exterior color pairings.

11 7/8” gutter coil available in System colors plus additional select colors
11 3/4″ and 15” available in select System colors

Colors Options

Quality Edge color 775 Slate Gray 415 Gray Dusk

775 Slate Gray

507 Mocha

805 Pewter

518 Black

511 Terratone

508 Musket

280 White

Explore All Colors

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