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Homeowners sometimes ask why we designed a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) paint system for TruCedar Steel Siding.

The answer lies in the science behind the paint, the way it adheres, and the performance characteristics it imparts to make TruCedar a truly premium metal siding.

Paint, in its liquid state, is made up primarily of resin, pigment, and solvent. Pigment provides color and hides the primer and substrate. Solvent is the vehicle used to apply the solid pigment and resin materials to the metal, and it evaporates during the curing process. Resin (binder) forms the film that binds the coating to the substrate for years to come, provides weather and pollution resistance, and adds durability. Resin also gives the film its gloss, gloss-retention, and resistance to abrasion, scratching, and dirt accumulation.

Paints used on metal siding are classified according to the type of resin, which is usually either polyester, PVC, or PVDF.

Typical Polyester Paint

Typical polyester paints are an economical choice for most building applications, but their performance is limited3. Basic polyesters provide a fair barrier to prevent corrosion, but offer only moderate resistance to UV light, chemicals, and staining3. On average, durable polyesters may have half the life expectancy of PVDF coatings3.

PVC Paint

PVC paint coatings excel in some applications, but have several drawbacks as well. PVC-based paints have traditionally suffered from being very susceptible to color fade, chalking, and gloss reduction3. They can be susceptible to damage when exposed to chemicals3. Additionally, PVC coatings are sensitive to temperature and will begin to fail at high temperatures3.

PVDF Paint

In TruCedar’s PVDF paint system, PVDF is the resin component that gives the coating its durability, its appearance, and its performance. PVDF is composed of a carbon-fluorine bond, which is one of the strongest chemical bonds in the known universe1. This bond enables the material to be incredibly resistant to breakdown by UV light to prevent color fade and chalking2. In addition, PVDF products are durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures and atmospheric pollutants while retaining a vibrant appearance2.

In early 2016, we introduced seven new TruCedar Steel Siding colors.

TruCedar’s PVDF paint system ensures the performance you expect from premium steel siding. Because of the properties of PVDF, every TruCedar profile comes with a no nonsense lifetime warranty, which includes a robust guarantee against cracking, chipping, peeling, chalking and fading.

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