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Steel Siding

The strongest, most versatile cladding for a home.

Vesta Siding

Our siding collections are expertly engineered to blend the best of both durability and aesthetic. With a carbon steel core, we provide unmatched impact resistance that doesn’t crack, melt or absorb moisture like other siding materials. It also perfectly mimics the look of real wood siding in a range of curated color options including a classic designer palette, bold hues and realistic Woodgrain finishes.

Vesta Plank Siding

TruCedar Siding

Available in Double 4″, Single 6″, Single 6″ Dutch Lap, Single 8″, 6″ Board & Batten, 10″ Board & Batten, Steel Siding.

Quality Edge® believes in manufacturing innovation that endures from materials that last. Quality Edge has developed weather-resistant steel siding collections utilizing one of the strongest, most versatile and recyclable materials on our planet, reducing your carbon footprint while safeguarding you against costly repairs.

TruCedar Steel Siding

Metal Siding Accessories

Our siding collections comes with a variety of coordinating accessories, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing design. These collections are available in an extensive palette of colors, allowing for the perfect customization to match any design vision or architectural style.

Metal Siding Accessories

Ready to Start Your Project?

Our Quality Edge Contractor Network can connect you with multiple qualified and certified contractors within your specified location.

TruCedar Steel Siding vs. Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding requires repainting every 5 -7 years despite its 50-year warranty and only a 15-year guarantee for the baked-on finish. It also poses safety risks due to silica dust release during installation, which can lead to serious lung diseases, especially for smokers, and incurs higher installation costs due to its weight, making it about 40% more expensive in labor, not to mention the eventual repainting costs over its lifetime.

Appearance Seams
TruCedar - None
Fiber Cement - Caulked Seams
TruCedar - None
Fiber Cement - Repaint Every 5 - 7 Years
Environmentally Friendly
TruCedar - 100% Recyclable
Fiber Cement - Toxic (Silicosis)
TruCedar - 50 Year Kynar Paint
Fiber Cement - Paint Peels
Chalk & Fade Resistance
TruCedar - 50 Years
Fiber Cement - 5 - 7 Years
Warp Resistance
TruCedar - Yes
Fiber Cement - No
Moisture Resistance
TruCedar - Yes, it's steel
Fiber Cement - No, cracks and swells

Timeless Design Choices, Endless Possibilities

Product Line
TruCedar® Steel Siding
Vesta Steel Siding®
Vesta Plank Soffit
Vesta: Smooth
TruCedar: Embossed Woodgrain
Horizontal: TruCedar, Vesta
Vertical: TruCedar Board & Batten, Vesta
Underdecking, Soffit and Porch Ceiling: Vesta
Color Availability
Solid & Woodgrain - Please see our Product Catalog and Spec Guide for complete color availability.
Remove any and all debris that may accumulate on the product during its lifespan to keep it moisture free. Tighten any loose fasteners or trim pieces as access allows. Do not attempt to repair or replace any parts of the system without consulting a certified applicator. Repainting should not be necessary through the duration of the warranty.
U.S. Patent Nos.: 10,508,455 | 10,760,282
U.K. Patent No.: 2,588,713