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Designer Soffit Accessories

Make Your Soffit Stand Out

Details That Make a Statement

Soffit moldings add charm and value to the exterior of your home. Like crown moldings used inside the home, soffit moldings add elegance and architectural character on the exterior where the siding meets the soffit. With the character and charm of custom millwork, soffits never looked so good—until now.

When installing soffit, overuse of the standard F-Channel creates a plain style with a generic appearance. Quality Edge offers soffit enhancers to create a range of more distinctive and architecturally interesting design options.


Created with our state-of-the-art Q800 TuffTech™ finish that provides a finish that resists peeling, cracking, chipping, or delaminating.

Cove Soffit Receiver

The Cove Soffit Receiver, with its innovative design and functionality, offers a simple yet distinctly modern appeal, effortlessly enhancing the aesthetic of any home. Its sleek and unobtrusive appearance integrates seamlessly into a variety of interior designs, from minimalist to contemporary, providing not just utility but also a subtle, stylish accent that complements the overall ambiance of the living space.

  • 1.25″ height profile
  • 10 ft. lengths
  • 0.019″ thickness
  • Aluminum
  • Q800 TuffTech finish
  • For soffit installation

Engineered unlike anything else

Recessed crown molding, characterized by its unique inset design, offers excellent lines and a varied texture, presenting an ideal option for those seeking a more traditional molding style with a touch of elegance.

  • 1.1″ height profile
  • 10 ft. lengths
  • 0.019″ thickness
  • Aluminum
  • Q800 TuffTech finish
  • For soffit installation

Q800 TuffTech Finish

A multi-purpose, polyester finish applied to high performance aluminum or steel. The metal is tempered for a rigid application and cleaner aesthetic for Quality Edge painted metal flashings. Q800 TuffTech provides:

  • A smooth matte texture
  • Resistance to sun, rain and other elements
  • Scratch, dirt and stain resistance
  • Great flexibility and formability

Color Options

A variety of colors are available to complement soffit color offerings.

System Colors

411 Cottage Red

467 Evening Shade

509 Norwood

507 Mocha

523 Snowmist

605 Eldridge Gray

827 Champagne

819 Herringbone

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