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Essential, yet so simple. Quality Edge® offers a wide variety of roof flashing solutions designed to minimize water back-up while maximizing the life of roofs, windows and walls—all while providing a layer of protection between the walls exterior cladding and the roof’s sheathing.

Roof to Wall Protection

Quality Edge flashing is designed to withstand the elements, prevent rust and offer pre-engineered solutions for easy installation on the job. It is crucial flashing is installed on all roof to wall transitions. This includes dormers, skylights, along chimneys and for completing deck and porch additions.

  • Available in 0.010″ to 0.019″ steel, 0.011″ to 0.019″ aluminum
  • Q800 TuffTech™ finish or mill


Quality ingredients. Real results.

Flashing Options

Quality Edge offers a complete collection of flashing constructed to work in conjunction with exterior building products to properly overlap materials and shed water effectively.

When installed correctly, flashing can withstand structural movements due to settling, expansion and contraction, preventing problems with leaks.

Your Roof. Your Investment.

Roofing systems require flashings to be installed to ensure your roofing system performs properly. Our Integra Roof System Contractors provide homeowners a better understanding of roofing systems and installation techniques required to support warranties. They offer the support homeowners need and project solutions to exceed expectations.

Q800 TuffTech Finish

A multi-purpose, polyester finish applied to high performance aluminum or steel. The metal is tempered for a rigid application and cleaner aesthetic for Quality Edge painted metal flashings. Q800 TuffTech provides:

  • A smooth matte texture
  • Resistance to sun, rain and other elements
  • Scratch, dirt and stain resistance
  • Great flexibility and formability

The Right Colors

Quality Edge offers flashing colors that complement today’s most popular roofing and siding materials and withstand the elements.

Color Options

507 Mocha

523 Snowmist

605 Eldridge Gray

807 Clay

805 Pewter

522 Forest

518 Black

511 Terratone

508 Musket

502 Brown

327 Desert Tan

280 White

204 Granite

System Color DetailsExplore All Colors

Ready to Start Your Project?

Our Quality Edge Contractor Network can connect you with multiple qualified and certified contractors within your specified location.

Timeless Design Choices, Endless Possibilities

Product Line
TruCedar® Steel Siding
Vesta Steel Siding®
Vesta Plank Soffit
Vesta: Smooth
TruCedar: Embossed Woodgrain
Horizontal: TruCedar, Vesta
Vertical: TruCedar Board & Batten, Vesta
Underdecking, Soffit and Porch Ceiling: Vesta
Color Availability
Solid & Woodgrain - Please see our Product Catalog and Spec Guide for complete color availability.
Remove any and all debris that may accumulate on the product during its lifespan to keep it moisture free. Tighten any loose fasteners or trim pieces as access allows. Do not attempt to repair or replace any parts of the system without consulting a certified applicator. Repainting should not be necessary through the duration of the warranty.
U.S. Patent Nos.: 10,508,455 | 10,760,282
U.K. Patent No.: 2,588,713


Here are our available resources for more detailed product information.