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TruLine HP-Series

Unique and Durable with the Industry’s Highest Airflow Rating.

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The Industry’s Highest Airflow Rating.

Engineered for ultimate ventilation, TruLine® is a performance-driven aluminum soffit designed to maximize the amount of airflow. Developed using a Quality Edge® exclusive ADT 19 boundary-pushing performance process, TruLine is one of the most effective soffits available on the market.

Performance & Design

Ventilation is what TruLine® is all about. When you enhance the ventilation, you enhance everything. With TruLine you can reduce the temperature in the attic, prolong the life of your roof and other building materials and reduce energy costs.

  • 12″ width with 3.375″ panels, 16″ width with 3.375″ panels, Double 5″ width with 5″ panels and Double 6″ width with 6″ panels.
  • Available in 12 ft. lengths
  • Aluminum soffit available in full vent, center vent and solid
  • 0.019″ thickness
  • Q800 TuffTech finish
  • NFA Rating: 19.1 NFA 16″ Full Vent, 19.6 NFA 12″ Full Vent, 9.9 NFA 16″ Center Vent, 5.9 NFA 12″ Center Vent, 12.0 NFA Double 5″ & 6″ Full Vent
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Benefits of TruLine HP Soffit

Engineered for ultimate ventilation, TruLine is designed to produce the ideal amount of airflow. It’s pretty simple. You want air to enter through your soffit and escape through your roof vent. With proper ventilation, cool, dry air is drawn from the soffit. This prevents hot, moist air buildup, and can reduce the temperature in your attic by as much as 50°F.

  • Maximizes Air Flow – Offers more deeper and longer lances per foot
  • More profiles, thicknesses, and colors than any other soffit line
  • Available in system colors to give your project a consistent look
  • Prolongs the life of your shingles and reduces energy costs
  •  Thicker paint finish resists peeling, cracking, chipping or delaminating

TruLine HP Colors

TruLine® HP-Series soffit combines a rich palette of colors meticulously selected for their visual temperatures and deep hues. All colors accent and match today’s most popular siding colors and the TruLine Soffit Accessories.

System Colors

411 Cottage Red

467 Evening Shade

509 Norwood

507 Mocha

523 Snowmist

605 Eldridge Gray

827 Champagne

819 Herringbone

Explore All Colors
Quality Edge TruLine Center Vent Soffit 280 White


Performance for any project

Building a Healthier Home

When you enhance the ventilation, you enhance everything. With proper ventilation, you can reduce the temperature in the attic, prolong the life of your roof and other building materials, and reduce energy costs.

Ready to Start Your Project?

Our Quality Edge Contractor Network can connect you with multiple qualified and certified contractors within your specified location.


NFA (Net Free Area)
19.6 - 12” Full Vent
19.1 - 16” Full Vent
12.0 - D5 & D6 Full Vent
9.9 - 16” Center Vent
5.9 - 12” Center Vent
Bridge Lances
Q800 TuffTech™
Aluminum 0.019" & 0.016"
Full Vent, Center & Solid

4 Width Options, 12 ft Lengths

Available Options

12″, 0.019″ HP
Solid – S
Center Vent- CV
Full Vent – SV

12″, 0.016″ TS
Solid – S_BLDR
Center Vent – CV_BLDR
Full Vent – SV_BLDR

16″, 0.019″ HP
Solid – 16SS
Center Vent – 16SCV
Full Vent – 16V

16″, 0.016″ TS
Solid – 16SS_BLDR
Center Vent – 16SCV_BLDR

Double 5″, 0.019″
Solid – D5SS
Full Vent – D5VS

Double 6″, 0.019″
Solid – D6SS
Full Vent – D6VS

Building Codes and Best Practices
Proper ventilation [more in-take through soffit than exhaust through roof vents] can lower the attic temperature by as much as 50°F, which significantly reduces the home’s heating and cooling, demands. Ridge and soffit vents help keep the attic space well-ventilated, preventing a build-up of moisture and reducing heat in summer. These vents can prolong the life of the roof.
Typical one foot soffit overhangs should have at least an 11 NFA, so when used on both sides of the home will have a combined NFA of 22 to draw the air flow needed to work with a ridge vent system.


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