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6" Dutch Lap Siding

The look of wood, the performance of steel.

Classic Design

Designed to emulate the appearance of hand-carved wood siding, achieved through a decorative groove at the top of each board. This profile not only adds a traditional charm but also features tighter seams, enhancing its weather resistance and providing a polished finish. The siding is coated with the Kynar® Paint System, ensuring it remains fade-resistant, maintaining its aesthetic appeal over time.

Lasting Beauty

In addition to its visual qualities, this siding is built for durability and easy maintenance, ideal for withstanding various elements like rain, hail, and snow. Its true cedar look offers the natural beauty of cedar siding boards, while its steel construction and recyclability underline both longevity and environmental sustainability.

TruCedar Steel Siding Colors

Kynar® paint resin delivers long-term durability that is unparalleled in the industry.

TruCedar Solid Colors

410 Thatch

425 Statuary Bronze

415 Gray Dusk

411 Cottage Red

405 Foothill Blue

401 Bennington Beige

307 Ripe Olive

467 Evening Shade

H2 Woodgrain Colors

M17 English Saddle

M16 Cider Mill

M15 Napa Vine

416 Spruce

109 Cedar

108 Weathered Wood

106 Timber Ash

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TruCedar Steel Siding vs. Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding requires repainting every 5 -7 years despite its 50-year warranty and only a 15-year guarantee for the baked-on finish. It also poses safety risks due to silica dust release during installation, which can lead to serious lung diseases, especially for smokers, and incurs higher installation costs due to its weight, making it about 40% more expensive in labor, not to mention the eventual repainting costs over its lifetime.

Appearance Seams
TruCedar - None
Fiber Cement - Caulked Seams
TruCedar - None
Fiber Cement - Repaint Every 5 - 7 Years
Environmentally Friendly
TruCedar - 100% Recyclable
Fiber Cement - Toxic (Silicosis)
TruCedar - 50 Year Kynar Paint
Fiber Cement - Paint Peels
Chalk & Fade Resistance
TruCedar - 50 Years
Fiber Cement - 5 - 7 Years
Warp Resistance
TruCedar - Yes
Fiber Cement - No
Moisture Resistance
TruCedar - Yes, it's steel
Fiber Cement - No, cracks and swells

Timeless Design Choices, Endless Possibilities

Product Line
TruCedar® Steel Siding
Vesta Steel Siding®
Vesta Plank Soffit
Vesta: Smooth
TruCedar: Embossed Woodgrain
Horizontal: TruCedar, Vesta
Vertical: TruCedar Board & Batten, Vesta
Underdecking, Soffit and Porch Ceiling: Vesta
Color Availability
Solid & Woodgrain - Please see our Product Catalog and Spec Guide for complete color availability.
Remove any and all debris that may accumulate on the product during its lifespan to keep it moisture free. Tighten any loose fasteners or trim pieces as access allows. Do not attempt to repair or replace any parts of the system without consulting a certified applicator. Repainting should not be necessary through the duration of the warranty.
U.S. Patent Nos.: 10,508,455 | 10,760,282
U.K. Patent No.: 2,588,713