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TruCedar® Fascia

TruCedar Fascia combines the functionality and strength of the kind of steel you use and depend on every day.

Timesaving Pre-Engineered Design

TruCedar Fascia comes with an anti-corrosive and abrasion resistant outer shell of the TruCedar carbon steel core. Our paint and coating process applies a thick film barrier—a line of defense that keeps TruCedar® looking brand new for a lot longer.

  • 0.016″ thickness. Available in 6″ and 8″ board coverage
  • Available in 12 ft. length CarbonTech60™ steel
  • Features TruCedar woodgrain embossing
  • Kynar® paint coating
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


TruCedar Fascia is available in an extensive selection of both solid and woodgrain colors to match and complement exterior siding.

Durable Finish

Our advanced paint and coating process applies a thick, robust film barrier to TruCedar Fascia, creating a strong defense against environmental elements. This protective layer ensures the fascia retains its pristine condition and vibrant color, preserving its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity for an extended period. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our process guarantees the TruCedar Fascia will continue to look brand new. The durability and resilience of this coating make it a top choice for long-lasting, high-quality exterior finishes.

Withstands Fade

Kynar® is a 50% PVDF, thermally set paint system that provides excellent resistance against fade and chalking. After a 14-year outdoor exposure study the PVDF paint system looked as good as the day it was installed.

Colors that don’t lose their luster.

Inspired by natural wood and classic profiles, TruCedar steel fascia are designed to offer a natural look without the care and maintenance that often accompanies real wood siding.

Solid Colors

463 Coal

410 Thatch

425 Statuary Bronze

415 Gray Dusk

411 Cottage Red

405 Foothill Blue

401 Bennington Beige

307 Ripe Olive

467 Evening Shade

509 Norwood

819 Herringbone

805 Pewter

503 Eggshell

462 Silver Lining

414 Ironstone

280 White

HD2 Woodgrain

483 Sand Dollar

482 Gilded Grain

481 Driftwood

480 Autumn Thistle

485 Aged Walnut

484 Dark Espresso

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