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TruCedar Board & Batten

Embracing the legacy and the evolution.

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Embracing Tradition, Elevating Design

With its rich historical significance tracing back through the centuries, Board & Batten siding seamlessly merges the timeless allure of traditional craftsmanship with the cutting-edge advancements of modern architectural design, promising not just a nod to the past, but a commitment to enduring quality and innovation.

Board & Batten Siding

5" x 5" Profile *NEW*

Driven by the need for symmetry, the 5x5 Board & Batten profile design offers modern architectural features with the strength and durability only found within steel siding. Designed to complement traditional or modern siding profiles, the 5x5 Board & Batten design changes the way homeowners think about mixing and matching profiles to achieve their unique design aesthetic.

Finishes: HD2 Woodgrain CarbonTech 60 & Solid Kynar
Steel 0.016"
Height: 11.71"
Exposure: 10"
Length: 10 ft
Board & Batten Siding

10" Profile

Board & Batten siding offers tight seams, designed for enhanced weather resistance without compromising the clean, polished look. Inspired by turn of the century construction, the resurgence of Board & Batten profiles provides an upgraded design for traditional or modern homes.

Finishes: HD2 Woodgrain CarbonTech 60 & Solid Kynar
Steel 0.016"
Height: 11.88"
Exposure: 10"
Length: 10 ft
Board & Batten Siding

6" Profile

Used alone or combined with the 10" Board & Batten, the 6" Board & Batten profile offers architecturally interesting designs. Built to mimic real cedar, 6" Board & Batten siding creates a tight siding fit that withstands weather like rain and snow without compromising the design or durability.

Finishes: HD2 Woodgrain CarbonTech 60 & Solid Kynar
Steel 0.016"
Height: 7.88"
Exposure: 6"
Length: 10 ft


A wide array of colors to match every homeowner’s taste. Whether you lean towards bold or subtle shades, our collection has something for you.

5″X5″ Board & Batten Colors

6″ Board & Batten Colors

10″ Board & Batten Colors

Timeless Design Choices, Endless Possibilities

Product Line
TruCedar® Steel Siding
Vesta Steel Siding®
Vesta Plank Soffit
Vesta: Smooth
TruCedar: Embossed Woodgrain
Horizontal: TruCedar, Vesta
Vertical: TruCedar Board & Batten, Vesta
Underdecking, Soffit and Porch Ceiling: Vesta
Color Availability
Solid & Woodgrain - Please see our Product Catalog and Spec Guide for complete color availability.
Remove any and all debris that may accumulate on the product during its lifespan to keep it moisture free. Tighten any loose fasteners or trim pieces as access allows. Do not attempt to repair or replace any parts of the system without consulting a certified applicator. Repainting should not be necessary through the duration of the warranty.
U.S. Patent Nos.: 10,508,455 | 10,760,282
U.K. Patent No.: 2,588,713