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Many people don’t think twice about their gutter systems, it’s simply thought of as one small addition on the home. That said, Gutters have a lot of work to do especially during the winter months. Those months have the most impact due to the snow and ice that can weigh down your gutter system.

For those that may be building a new home or simply want to properly prepare for the seasonal elements, here are 5 precautionary things you can do to make sure your gutters work more efficiently.

1. Install Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards reduce debris from fall leaves and winter snow build up. Both cause blockage or weight-bearing damage to your gutters. Not familiar with gutter guards? Check out the different options we offer at the end of this blog.

2. Apply Heating Elements

Heating elements will help melt the snow and ice before any build or ice dams form. This will also help decrease the weight on your gutters.

3. Improve Your Insulation

Heat that stems from the inside causes snow to melt on your roof, that water runoff may freeze in your gutters. If it’s not taken care of, it will build up and eventually cause ice dams. Ideally you want to keep your roof cold during those long winter months.

4. Apply Gutter Brackets

If you live in the cold elements, gutters can fail during those long winter months, unless you give them the extra support they need. Brackets can serve multiple purposes. They’ll reinforce existing anchors and minimize structural damage from too much weight.

5. Add Ice & Water Barriers

Having barriers installed on your roof will prevent the likelihood of having moisture damage on your home. Most people install this system underneath the shingles, during the building phase. This would be a renovation you might want to consider when you redo your roof or build a new home.

If you live in the Midwest or are up against those harsh winter months, the last thing you want to think about is going outside to work on home repairs. By implementing these precautionary steps, you are reinforcing the strength your gutter system needs.

Different gutter guard options we offer at Quality Edge:

Gutter Gekko Gutter Protection

Surgical-grade micro-mesh that reduces the need for gutter cleaning. GutterGekko fits on a wide variety of roofs and can handle up to 60 gallons of water per minute.

Quality Edge Gekko Micro Mesh Gutter Protection

TruGuard® Gutter Protection

TruGuard®’s nose-forward design provides maximum surface tension and adds architectural appeal at the same time.

Quality Edge TruGuard Gutter Protection