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Have you ever stepped out of bed in the morning darkness only to stub your toe or step on a LEGO®?

Not the way you want to start your day, is it?

Just this one event can start a chain reaction of negativity that – if not corrected – can derail your sales day before its even begun!

If you start out in a sour mood, nobody wants to be around you.

There’s a reason that sales trainers say to smile when you are on the phone, because people can “feel” you through the phone – if you are tense and stressed, it will translate into the rhythm, cadence and tone of your voice.

Negativity breeds negativity and if you don’t correct it right away it will spiral out of control and ruin your outlook, productivity and your day.

You have the power to stop negative thoughts and hit the reset button on your day.

Sales trainer Blair Singer, author of Sales Dogs, has a great set of techniques he calls his “Little Voice Mastery System” which helps people master the little voice in their head that causes negativity.

Once you realize that you are spiraling, say “STOP!” as a way to break the thought pattern, isolate it as a temporary event and recognize that it doesn’t have to have any further effect on the rest of your day.

In addition to that, Singer encourages his students to celebrate wins. Celebrate any and all wins; anchor them with a positive thought to remember how good it feels, lest the little voice try to steal away your joy.

The 80/20 rule applies to everything in life.

In your sales job, you will have a lot of rejection – it’s just part of the job. In each job, you will have 80% that’s good about your job and 20% that isn’t. You’ve got to have the right mindset. You don’t want to live in the 20% – the negativity. You want to live in the 80% – the good, the positive. People who live in the 20% just let negative emotions run rampant in their head. People who live in the 20% like to drag other people down into the 20%. If you’re not careful, one negative rep can quickly poison your team – and it all started with one negative thought.

It’s all about mindset.

In our previous blog, we explored mindset as the mother of all biases.

If you have the mindset that expects negative things to happen – they will. Mindset is the key. You must be able to stop the negative chain of events, rein them in and stay positive.

If you expect good things, celebrate wins and anchor them with positive thoughts, any little win can have a multiplier effect and defeat that negative little voice.

Life comes at you fast. Be prepared.

A positive and successful mindset is needed in order to combat the negative things that will (not can, but WILL) happen – because they do. Just ask Nationwide.

Be prepared. Stay positive when adversity hits.

What are some ways that you master your little voice?