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It’s no secret that selling is a numbers game.

It’s also no secret that we live in a data driven world. More data = more intelligence. More intelligence = an edge. Every salesperson wants an edge. More opportunities to have a sales conversation with a prospect is the kind of edge any salesperson would want.

Every competitor seeks an edge. From professional sports to investment analysts, everyone is looking for an edge to stay ahead of their competition.

The better the intelligence, the better the potential results.

One of the best tools to help drive numbers is video. In a study by Forrester Research, video in email engages prospects by increasing click-through rates by over 200% compared to traditional email or article posting.

Here are 3 ways that video in emails can provide the kind of intelligence and numbers to drive increased sales:

Better Engagement

Video grabs you and can convey your message with emotion and personality. Salesmen are asked to “show, don’t tell” and one of the best ways to show is with a video in an email that allows prospect to see and visualize the benefits and value of your offering.

Video helps you convey your value because you get to engage the prospect in an authentic way. When they can see you and your personality you will have a better chance of them knowing, liking and trusting you and seeing you as an authority in your space. You take the guesswork out of who you are – they can see, relate to and know you.

Better Way to Measure Email Marketing Effectiveness

When salesmen prospect randomly without direction, without a plan – they get random results. The “M” in SMART goals stands for Measurable, and a key to driving numbers is to be able to measure effectiveness of your prospecting tools.

Because video increases open rates and drives more engagement, the data can be measured and allow you to know when the prospect is most likely to open/view the video, and what buying stage they are at so you can follow up with the appropriate content and call-to-action based on what they’ve responded to or engaged with in previous emails.

It also allows you to create buyer personas to tailor your marketing efforts at the prospects who are most likely to engage with your video content and just as important – it helps to weed out who not to prospect. No more wasting time on prospects who won’t buy.

More compelling CTA’s to get Conversions

You can use your personality – or a compelling story that creates an emotion – to make your prospects to take action. Video gives you a better opportunity to create a response based on a strong emotion. People will respond because they want to help, stop something from happening or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). For example, when you see those ASPCA commercials with the abused animals you are driven to take some form of action due to the emotions it brings up. Remember those ads? Yes, you do. That’s the power of video. Use the emotion that video can create to your sales advantage.

Get your marketing department to start testing video within your marketing emails and measure the results for yourself. Numbers don’t lie – watch your conversion rates increase.

Do you use video in your email marketing? Tell us about it below: