The right drip edge perimeter flashing is required to allow water to fall clear of the fascia, roof deck and rake boards. Drip edges have been required by the International Residential Code since 2012 to ensure water is directed away from fascia and rake trim.

    Drip Edge Perimeter Flashing

    Quality Edge roofing accessories have unbeatable durability and are easy to install. Combined with the finish and the strength you need for a professional appearance, our drip edge perimeter flashing offers infinite possibilities.

    Drip edge options as infinite as stars in the sky.

    Thousands of options.

    Until recently, only snow-belt states required drip edge to prevent issues with ice backup caused by melting snow, which exposed the flashing point—allowing water to penetrate the rafter tails, insulation, fascia and soffits.

    More recently, many building code writers in the rest of the county—especially the south—have also adopted the drip edge requirement to help guard against wood rot. And Quality Edge brings smart, innovative perimeter flashing solutions to every project you deliver.

    Infinity Drip Edge®

    T-Style Drip Edge with TruFit™ Pre-Notch

    Non-Notched T-Style Drip Edge

    C-Style Drip Edge

    Siders Edge

    F8 Drip Edge

    Asphalt Drip Edge

    Gravel Stop

    Gutter Apron

    Patented snap lock technology

    Infinity Drip Edge®

    Provides a clean finish by allowing an infinite overlap and reduces labor with no notching needed. Infinity Drip Edge meets and exceeds building code requirements with its patented hooking drip edge assembly allowing for easy snap lock installation. It also prevents gapping plus the need to train on hand-notching in the field.

    • Patented snap lock nests pieces together reducing fish mouthing. Easy install, reducing labor and training
    • Dual wave bracing directs water away from the home and adds strength to reduce buckling
    • Top hem adds strength and clean lines while the 1.5" enhanced face covers existing fascia that may be discolored or has variations
    • 2.69" depth nail flange meets and exceeds IBC & IRC Building Codes
    • 0.019" thickness available in aluminum and 0.010" or 0.013" thickness available in steel
    • Q800 TuffTech™ finish or mill

    performance perimeter edge flashing

    TruFit™ Pre-Notched Drip Edge

    Design with performance and durability in mind, our pre-notched T-Style drip edge is extremely effective at guiding water away from the roof while meeting IBC and IRC building code requirements with overlaps without notching.

    • Aluminum or steel
    • Available in a variety of sizes to meet your project's specifications
    • Pre-notched for a perfect fit, easy alignment and angled 2" overlap for a closed seam
    • No hand-notching needed
    • Dual-Hemmed for clean lines and to eliminate exposed edges
    • Q800 TuffTech or Mill finish

    Commercial Edge Flashing for Gravel Roofs

    Gravel Stop

    Gravel Stop is metal flashing installed at the roof edge to prevent gravel from falling off the roof. Typically used on low slope roofs, Quality Edge gravel stop provides a finished look while offering protection from water penetration.

    • Aluminum or steel
    • Available in a variety of sizes to meet your project's specifications
    • Kynar®, Q800 TuffTech finish or Mill
    • Ideal for low-slope or flat roofs to keep tar and gravel from washing off the roof

    Commercial Edge Flashing Solutions for Asphalt

    Asphalt Drip Edge

    Concerned about ice back-up and rot development on a commercial property? Quality Edge asphalt drip edge delivers the protection you need. In fact, that’s why this type of flashing is becoming code in many areas.

    • Aluminum or steel
    • Available in a variety of sizes to meet your project's specifications
    • Kynar, Q800 TuffTech finish or Mill
    • Seals the area between the roof and the fascia to keep water and insects out

    Flashings For Any Roof Design

    Gutter Apron

    Gutter Apron offers seamless water flow from the roof to the gutter system, protecting soffits, sheathing and siding from water damage. Ideal for low sloped roofs or on roofs where shingles do not extend far enough to direct water into the gutter. Gutter Apron is installed over the roof edge, under the shingles, and hangs over the back of the gutter to keep water from splashing behind the gutter.

    • Aluminum or steel
    • Available in a variety of sizes to meet your project's specifications
    • Q800 TuffTech finish or Mill
    • Added protection by directing water into the gutter

    How Much Are Call-Backs Costing You?

    From lost profits and time that could be spent on the next job to customers that are uncomfortable about the quality of work completed, how much are call-backs costing you? How much time does your crew spend cutting edge overlaps and training new labor how to do this? There is a better way with Infinity Drip Edge. The patented snap lock technology provides a clean continuous, tight fit for a simple and quick install.

    Endless Possibilities

    Quality Edge offers a wide variety of colors to provide endless possibilities to make a roof and supporting elements last longer and look professional while doing it. Our perimeter flashing is available in aluminum and steel colors for today’s most popular exterior color pairings.

    System Colors (Aluminum)

    Click to view larger color. View our Product Catalog for complete color availability.
    518 Black 414 Ironstone 507 Mocha 508 Musket 511 Terratone 605 Eldridge Gray 204 Granite 462 Silver Lining 805 Pewter 522 Forest 502 Brown 509 Norwood 807 Clay 177 Sandy Beige 809 Wicker 327 Desert Tan 819 Herringbone 606 Cozy Cottage 827 Champagne 503 Eggshell 280 White 523 Snowmist 411 Cottage Red 467 Evening Shade 468 Fawn 469 Fresh Canvas 470 Midnight Blue

    Steel Colors

    Click to view larger color. View our Product Catalog for complete color availability.
    518 Black 507 Mocha 502 Brown 702 Low Gloss Brown 508 Musket 522 Forest 511 Terratone 204 Granite 807 Clay 509 Norwood 327 Desert Tan 809 Wicker 805 Pewter 280 White 523 Snowmist

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