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TruLine® HP-Series Fascia

Our TruLine® HP-Series pre-engineered fascia is pre-notched for a better looking and faster application. The TruLine® HP-Series offers fascia solutions as durable as it is beautiful with textures and colors to achieve designer looks.

Extra Strength Steel Fascia

HP-Series Premium Grade Fascia

Fewer Seams with TruLine Pre-Made Fascia

Bending trim coil on the job site to create fascia increases time and Quality Edge 12 ft. length boards means 20% less pieces and seams than trim coil. With long lengths and pre-notched boards for a better overlap you can create the look you expect for a quality exterior design.

  • Timesaving pre-engineered design
  • 0.024″ thickness. Aluminum available in 12 ft. length
  • Available in 4″ to 10″ board coverage
  • Q800 TuffTech™
  • Smooth, woodgrain or dual-hemmed ribbed for straighter lines and easier handling.

Q800 TuffTech Finish

A multi-purpose, polyester finish applied to high performance aluminum or steel. The metal is tempered for a rigid application and cleaner aesthetic for Quality Edge painted metal flashings. Q800 TuffTech provides:

  • A smooth matte texture
  • Resistance to sun, rain and other elements
  • Scratch, dirt and stain resistance
  • Great flexibility and formability

Colors that don’t lose their luster.

Available in coordinating roofing accessory and siding colors.

System Colors

Quality Edge color 502 Brown

702 Low Gloss Brown

509 Norwood

507 Mocha

523 Snowmist

809 Wicker

807 Clay

805 Pewter

522 Forest

518 Black

511 Terratone

508 Musket

502 Brown

327 Desert Tan

280 White

204 Granite

TruCedar Solid Colors

410 Thatch

425 Statuary Bronze

415 Gray Dusk

411 Cottage Red

405 Foothill Blue

401 Bennington Beige

307 Ripe Olive

467 Evening Shade

509 Norwood

805 Pewter

503 Eggshell

System Color DetailsExplore All Colors

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