Metal fascia finishes the exterior trim between the drip edge and the soffit for added protection. Most importantly, it closes the gap between the roof and the walls of a building. Quality Edge fascia is available in variety of colors and textures to create a finished look plus is durable and low maintenance.

Quality Edge Fascia

Beauty and function just got easier. Quality Edge smooth and strong fascia has long protected many rooflines. With so many building products on the market, it takes real innovation to rise above the crowd.

Sometimes, simple ideas have the greatest impact. The latest improvements in our pre-engineered fascia introduce time-saving designs, making fascia more attractive and faster to apply than ever before.

TruCedar Fascia
6", 8", TruCedar® Woodgrain Fascia
TruLine Fascia
6", 8", TruLine® Woodgrain Fascia
Truline HP-Series Fascia
4", 5.75", 6", 7.75", 8", 10", Smooth, Ribbed, Woodgrain Fascia
Truline TS-Series Fascia
6", 8", Ribbed, Woodgrain Fascia

Accessorize Your Exterior with Fascia

Quality Edge offers the largest selection of exterior accessories on the market, allowing you to finish a home with distinctive appeal. QE Fascia is made from exceptionally durable, corrosion—and scratch-resistant steel—for a superior performance and appearance.

Ready to Start Your Project?

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