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Travel around the United States or Canada and you’ll notice a trend: metal roofs are cool.

So what is the “coolest” thing about a premium steel roof?

For many homeowners, the “coolest” thing is when the roof incorporates “cool roof technology”. A “cool roof” designation is more and more important in home construction and remodeling, and one main reason is purely economic. A cool roof reflects more of the incoming solar radiation than average, which results in lower roof surface temperature, less heat transferred into the home, and – voila! – less air conditioning. Especially for homes where air conditioning is used a lot, a “cool roof” can be a major benefit to the budget.

Why else is cool metal roofing important?

For over 30 years, scientists have been talking about the “urban heat island effect” associated with the heat-absorbing roofs and surfaces in populated areas. Higher temperatures in urban areas affect water quality, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, and human health. One strategy to reduce urban heat island effect is to encourage the use of cool roof technology. Your home’s cool roof can help keep the earth cooler as well, without having any impact on your lifestyle.

How Cool Roof Technology Works

AsphaltCool Metal Roof
asphalt roofcool metal roof

Dark colored asphalt traps heat from the sun and can transfer into your home causing your air conditioner to work harder.

Our PVDF Tri-Pigment Reflective Paint System reflects much of the sun’s radiation, keeping your home cool.

Metal roofs are produced from robust materials such as aluminum and steel, making them more durable than materials such as wood shakes and shingles. This is because they’re designed to excel in extreme weather, whether it be gusting winds, heavy snow or scorching summer heat. On top of unmatched durability, metal roofs require low maintenance, saving you time and money over the roof’s lifecycle. Seek a specialized contractor as cool metal roofing is here to stay, offering a prolonged lifespan, unbeatable resistance to the elements, and the added perk of low maintenance costs.