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Every January, Pantone comes out with their highly anticipated “Color of the Year,” and the shade they choose tends to show up in the latest fashions, advertising, and interior design.

This year’s colors are a tie between two cotton candy hues called Rose Quartz and Serenity. But does that mean we’ll be seeing a resurgence of pastels around the neighborhood? Probably not.

Perhaps it’s time to establish a “color of the year” for siding.

New popular colors have been showing up this year on both new construction and residential siding jobs. The predominant colors vary depending on the area, architecture, and surrounding environment, but a few trends are particularly strong for 2016.

Darker, bolder shades:

Many designers and homeowners are opting for deeper shades, and then accenting them with wood, brick, stucco, and other natural materials. From heavy blues to deep browns and greens, the colors coordinate with the natural environment while making the home stand out. In the TruCedar collection, one of the new HD Woodgrain colors – Spruce – offers a deep green, natural looking option.

Grays and blues:

These colors coordinate beautifully with many types of stone that are current in exterior home design. TruCedar is now available in solid colors Gray Dusk and Ironstone, and new HD woodgrain colors like Cedar, Timber Ash, and Weathered Wood – to introduce an even greater variety of selections in the gray/blue family.


Several paint companies and industry groups also choose a color of the year, and this year at least four have chosen shades of white. In residential siding, we’re seeing a return of traditional shades of white, which often conveys a nostalgic feeling. White, which can also be accented with trim colors and wood, and maintains a freshness and appeal over time. In the TruCedar collection, you’ll notice that even one of the new HD Woodgrain colors – Birch – echoes the trend towards white.

For 2016, we are introducing seven new TruCedar Steel Siding colors.

At Quality Edge, we constantly evaluate current design trends, and offer residential siding in current colors that coordinate well with the natural environment and with home styles. Our new colors round out our color offerings to provide curb appeal that will hold up for the long haul.

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