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Inside Out® Underdecking

Quality Edge Inside Out Underdeck Protection adds visual appeal and valuable indoor/outdoor living space to decks and patios everywhere

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Inside Out Underdeck Upgrade

Refined Outdoor Living

Indoor-outdoor living areas, merging nature with homes, boost well-being and property value. They’re great for various activities and enhance space. Inside Out® underdeck, a chic water management system, redirects deck water, increasing outdoor utility and protecting below. It upgrades traditional, bug-prone deck undersides into elegant, refined spaces with natural or smooth finishes.

Performance & Design

Take the indoors out and expand living space with the Inside Out Underdecking Protection System. Inside Out creates a dry and finished look to the underside of the deck. No more visual clutter from exposed nails and dirty deck boards overhead.

  • 0.024″ thickness
  • A color palette that includes five distinctive painted wood finishes and eight rich matte finishes to complement any project.
  • Aluminum
  • Maintenance free deck ceiling – all weather aluminum system is leak and warp resistant. No need to repaint.
  • Q800 TuffTech finish
  • Lifetime warranty on material, fade and leak when installed by a certified dealer.

Q800 TuffTech Finish

A multi-purpose, polyester finish applied to high performance aluminum or steel. The metal is tempered for a rigid application and cleaner aesthetic for Quality Edge painted metal flashings. Q800 TuffTech provides:

  • A smooth matte texture
  • Resistance to sun, rain and other elements
  • Scratch, dirt and stain resistance
  • Great flexibility and formability

Inside Out Colors

Explore the Inside Out color palette that includes distinctive painted wood colors chosen for their unique species and grain, and rich matte solid colors chosen for their visual temperatures and rich hues.

Inside Out Woodgrain Colors

Inside Out Solids

827 Champagne

807 Clay

805 Pewter

518 Black

502 Brown

280 White

177 Sandy Beige

Explore All Colors
Quality Edge Inside Out Underdecking


Performance for any project

Ready to Start Your Project?

Our Quality Edge Contractor Network can connect you with multiple qualified and certified contractors within your specified location.


Maintenance free deck ceiling – all weather aluminum system is leak and warp resistant.
No need to repaint.
Q800 TuffTech™
Solids: 7
Painted Woodgrains: 5
Inside Out Panel: 0.024"
Accessories: 0.019", 0.024", 0.025"
Available Options

10 ft panel, 12 pc box – UDC10
10 ft panel, 4 pc box – UDC4PC10
12 ft panel, 12 pc box – UDC12
12 ft panel, 4 pc box – UDC4PC12
14 ft panel, 12 pc box – UDC14
14 ft panel, 4 pc box – UDC4PC14
16 ft panel, 12 pc box – UDC16
16 ft panel, 4 pc box – UDC4PC16