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If you want a home with instant curb appeal, consider black metal trim. Black accents are “having a moment” on many fronts, from home goods to exterior home design, with support from modern designers like Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan. What first seemed to be a daring design choice now appears to be here to stay.

Why Choose Black Metal Trim?

Many houses are trimmed with various shades of white, so choosing a home exterior color like black can be a bolder option that makes a home stand apart. Black is a neutral color, just like white and grey. It contrasts well with many other materials, textures, and hues. Yet certain characteristics are unique to black metal trim.

  1. In general, black stands apart because the color is perennially stylish, never dated. It is authoritative, expressive, and bold. Since black is less common in exterior design, it actually makes a statement and can either simplify or create a dramatic effect.
  2. Black highlights texture and outlines layers of architectural detail. It can be used in a modern way to emphasize hard lines and sharpen angles. Or it can be used around windows to enhance them and frame them into works of art.
  3. When remodeling, black trim gives dated homes new life. If you’re looking to create a home with curb appeal that stands out without being bright or excessive, consider black.
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Where Can Black Metal Be Used?

The traditional way to add black trim was to paint accents black, like the front door, shutters, or pillars. A modern way to incorporate black metal is to choose “factory windows,” with black frames. Beyond those options, any trim detail of the roof or siding can be accented with black – fascia, gutters, flashing, soffit, and more. Black trim pieces can complement black window frames, or contrast with white or colored window frames.

What Homes Work with Black Metal Trim?

Once you’ve seen a few examples, you realize that black trim could punch up the style of almost any home you drive by. In fact, black proves to be a surprisingly versatile trim color that works with a range of traditional and contemporary architectural styles.

BRICK. Black trim makes a great contrast with brick, whether red, tan, or multi-hued. With red it can be used to create an Irish pub feel. Or it pairs well with brick and black “factory windows” for minimalist industrial style.

ALL BLACK. For extra drama, certain houses can pull off the extreme of a solid black or dark grey exterior. When the body of the home is black, pair it with black roofing and siding accessories to complete the look.

WHITE. Whether the siding texture is clapboard, board and batten, stucco, or painted brick, almost anything white contrasts well with black gutters or fascia. Black trim provides a fresh take on many architectural styles, including Georgian, saltbox, and farmhouse.

CONTEMPORARY. Wood, brick, and stone in contemporary architecture can be played up with sleek lines of dark metal trim, like soffit and fascia.

MULTI-HUED TRIM. Mix black and white trim or black and another color for a more distinctive look than single-color trim. The mix can give the appearance of style and more thoughtful design.

Whatever the home’s style, chances are that it could benefit from black metal trim.

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