Architectural Soffit


    Beauty & Function

    Designed to create an iconic building aesthetic, Vesta Soffit is competitive in every way to the classic and upkeep-heavy, wood soffit while providing you with the ventilation needed to maintain your home. Invest in a maintenance-free and fade-resistant solution that will look as good as the first day it was installed.

    Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.

    Alvar Aalto

    Profile Options

    Building on the industries desire for realistic woodgrain soffit with the performance of steel siding, Vesta Plank Soffit gives any home or commercial project a beautiful, finished aesthetic while exceeding requirements for ventilation.

    Invest in curb appeal. Vesta Plank Soffit is easy to install with vented and solid profiles for use under eaves. Steel soffit maximizes airflow while eliminating the need for regular maintenance.

    5" Plank Soffit HD3 Woodgrain | Full Vent

    5" Plank HD3 Woodgrain | Solid

    Enduring Color

    Kynar® paint resin delivers long-term durability that is unparalleled in the industry.

    HD3 Woodgrain Colors

    Click to view larger color. View our Spec Guide for complete color availability.
    484 Dark Espresso 481 Driftwood 483 Sand Dollar 480 Autumn Thistle 485 Aged Walnut 482 Gilded Grain

    Building a Healthier Home

    When you enhance the ventilation, you enhance everything. With proper ventilation you can reduce the temperature in the attic, prolong the life of your roof and other building materials and reduce energy cost.

    NFA: 11.4

    Vesta Plank Soffit uniquely designed woodgrain plank profile creates a naturally accurate look and not only promotes airflow efficiency but also eliminates the need for regular maintenance due to rapid deterioration of wood soffits.


    The Department of Energy states that if you can properly ventilate your attic, you can potentially reduce the temperature up to 50 degrees.


    U.S. Patent No. 10,508,455; 10,760,282
    U.K. Patent No. 2,588,71
    CAN Patent Pending


    © Sand Dollar Woodgrain Artwork VAu1-378-183
    © Driftwood Woodgrain Artwork VAu1-378-232
    © Autumn Thistle Woodgrain Artwork VAu1-378-233
    © Gilded Grain Woodgrain Artwork VAu1-382-425


    • 5" Plank Profile

      Available in full vent and solid.
      Panels are 8 ft. Long.

    • Thickness

      0.020" steel plank panels
      0.016" accessories

    • HD3 Woodgrains

      High, medium and low-key color tones.
      Six variegate designs for each woodgrain color.

    • Kynar 500® Paint System

      Kynar 500 is a 70% PVDF paint system that creates a thick film barrier which provides excellent resistance against wear, fade and chalking—keeping your siding beautiful for a lifetime.

    • CarbonTech90™

      Zinc layer provides both a physical and cathodic protection, preventing moisture and corrosion from even having the opportunity to affect the steel core.

    • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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