Jet 45 Vented Soffit

TruBead Soffit

NFA (Net Free Area) = 10.2

TruBead® enhances your home’s beauty from the inside by providing enough airflow crucial to the longevity of your home.

Performance & Design

  • Delivers timeless beauty and the highest ventilation rating of its kind
  • Provides the character of a classic beaded style your home deserves
  • Available in 2 timeless architecturally pure soffit profiles
  • Intelligent Air – Jet 45° concealed ventilation
  • Prolongs the life of your shingles and reduces energy costs
  • Thicker paint finish that resists peeling, cracking, chipping or delaminating
Product Specs
Home Soffit Ventilation

5x more Net Free Area (NFA)

TruBead® micro-lance patented Jet 45 Ventilation offers 5x more Net Free Area (NFA) than vinyl wainscot style soffit.

More Options

Classic and Traditional Profiles

Unlike wainscot style soffit, which only works on a certain style of home, TruBead® offers a classic and traditional profile that will provide the air you
need and the style you desire for any home.

Dare to Compare

TruBead Soffit vs. Vinyl Soffit

With an NFA of 2 or less, most vinyl full vent soffit panels only offer half of what’s required to work with a ridge vent system on a 1’ overhang.

Many vinyl and even aluminum lanced soffit panels offer less than a 10 NFA or what’s required to work with a ridge vent system.

TruBead’s patented micro-lance design provides the right amount of airflow (10.2 NFA), while maximizing the architectural integrity of your overhangs.

We've got you covered

More Air More Colors

TruBead® Soffit combines a rich palette of colors meticulously selected for their visual temperatures and deep hues. All colors accent and match today’s most popular siding colors and the TruBead Soffit Accessories.


The Department of Energy states that if you can properly ventilate your attic, you can potentially reduce the temperature up to 50°