Quality Edge Board and Batten Siding

Board and Batten Siding

in 6″ & 10″ widths

TruCedar® Steel Siding accurately replicates the popular vertical Craftsman style of board and batten siding available in wide (10") and narrow (6") profiles.

Board and Batten Barn

Board and Batten, it’s all in the details

Quality design

  • Tighter Seams than vinyl siding: Weather Resistant and a Finished Look
  • Fade Resistant (unlike fiber cement) – Kynar® PVDF Paint system
  • Easy to Maintain – Durable Siding for Long Lasting Beauty
TruCedar Photobook

Classic look

  • True Cedar Look – Real Look of Cedar Siding Boards
  • Resists the Elements – Rain, Hail, Snow, etc.
  • Longevity – ROI, High Perception of Steel
  • 100% Recyclable – Sustainable Material

Color Palette

From HD Woodgrains to Solid colors, there is sure to be a TruCedar Steel Siding color choice that will work for your project.
Trim & siding matches




Bennington Beige



Cottage Red

Great Water

Foothill Blue


Ripe Olive

Harbor Mist


Silver Lining

Gray Dusk


Statuary Bronze


Weathered Wood



Napa Vine

Timber Ash

Cider Mill

English Saddle

Mountain Laurel


TruCedar® Vs. Fiber Cement

Three Facts About Fiber Cement

Maintenance. Fiber cement siding does periodically require repainting. Although fiber cement siding warrantees may cover 50 years, most suppliers only guarantee their baked-on finish for 15. In the long run, most homeowners will eventually need to repaint.

Safety. Installing fiber cement siding releases silica dust, which in sufficient amounts can cause a disabling and sometimes fatal lung disease called silicosis, as well as other diseases. Smoking may increase these risks.

Cost. The extra weight of fiber cement siding makes it more expensive to install – about 40% more expensive for labor alone. Also, because it will be necessary to repaint the siding within the lifetime of the siding, the cost of repainting the entire house should be considered as well.

Mix and Match Profiles

Combining TruCedar Board and Batten with our single 6″ or 8″ panel can create stunning visual contrast.