In recognition of the unique relationship of exterior building materials in design, Quality Edge offers a curated color offering that showcases classic designs, the latest trends and perfect complements to exterior siding colors.

A Match Made in Color

Choose a color pairing idea below.

    • Nourishing Neutral
    • Cool Sophistication
    • Inspired by Nature
    • Optimistic Bolds
    • Nostalgic Comfort
    • Calm Coastal
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Nourishing Neutrals

TruCedar Single 6" in English Saddle & Gray Dusk with TruLine Soffit in Black

Looking for a lasting design? Neutral palettes are here to stay with monochromatic tones taking the lead to give a sense of raw simplicity.

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Cool Sophistication

Vesta 5" Plank in Coal and Sea Glass.

Colors on the cool spectrum—airy pastels, light blues, cool solids—bring serenity and tranquility to an exterior design. They often make a home appear to have more space and are a great choice for smaller homes.

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Inspired by Nature

TruCedar® Single 6" Dutch Lap in Mountain Laurel with trim in White and Granite.

Natural finishes including wood tones and colors inspired by rustic elements create warmth and comfort. Wood finishes that mimic a natural flavor and connection with nature can organically fit into an exterior design.

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Optimistic Bolds

TruCedar Single 6" in Great Water with Silver Lining and White trim.

The secret for pairing bolds? Choose colors that are of the same value such as a dark exterior with a rich shade of paint on the front door. Not ready to go that bold? Provide contrast with pairing light and darker colors such as a light warm tone to soften a dark, cold tone.

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Nostalgic Comfort

TruCedar Single 6" in Captiva and Silver Lining with Quartz and White trim.

From subtle blush tones and rich creams, a return to simpler times lends to the nostalgic color trend. With a minimalist approach the gentle hues of nostalgic colors are great for accents to customize your homes exterior.

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Calm Coastal

Vesta 5" Plank in Sand Dollar and Tourmaline with Ironstone and White trim.

Soothing colors of sand and ocean can transform an exterior into an endless summer at home. Pair coastal tones with warm whites for a breezy, coastal aesthetic with a sense of calm.