Springing Forward with the Latest Inhabit Issue

The Inhabit Magazine is crafted to give our customers and readers a personal look at our world here at Quality Edge®. It serves as a resource to see what’s new, design trends we love, projects we’ve collaborated on, advice from experts and other individuals within the field, unique stories, and what’s on our radar for the future. As always, it seeks to allow us to connect with the passionate professionals and homeowners who inspire us to provide quality products that help turn homes into personal statements.

The second issue is filled cover to cover with new and riveting content that inspires. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to find.

Getaway Vacation Home

Join Family Handyman Magazine as they undertake their first ever full-home build: the Getaway Vacation Home. This project pushed the possibilities of what a home can be, featuring housing products that are as innovative as they are trendsetting. With a large audience following, product selection for builds requires careful consideration and is vetted through four different categories. Quality Edge Vesta Steel Siding® passed the test and makes up the breathtaking home exterior on this project. This feature story dives into the goals and inspiration for the project and gives an inside look at the Family Handyman process. It also showcases the possibilities and potential for a home to reflect modernity, function, and permanence.

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Customizing With Color & Texture

Don’t let anyone ever tell you color doesn’t matter. In fact, in a world of nearly 10 million colors, making the right color choices plays a critical role in everyday life—especially for our homes. We want a space that reflects who we are, and coordinating colors is a vital way to showcase the essential look of a home. But texture trends are also playing a part in consumer customization. Various siding textures—from traditional, board and batten, shiplap, shake, and woodgrain—can help stylize a home without having to stray away from colors that have stood the test of time. This feature explores the current trends of both color and texture and the possibilities of using Quality Edge products to make your home’s exterior uniquely you.

Outdoor Living is Here to Stay

The outdoor spaces of our homes have always been used for entertainment, now more than ever and in new ways than before. Homeowners are looking to upgrade their outdoor living environment in an effort to reclaim space and home functionality, while also getting a bang for their buck. The evolution of how we seek to entertain others and enjoy our homes has shifted to welcome the open-air concept. This column explores the trends we’re seeing—and loving! It provides expert advice on why upgrading your outdoor space might be worth the investment, and how Quality Edge offers products like Inside Out® Underdecking that can take your deck or patio to the next level. Be inspired to dream big and enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home.

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Two Families, One Habitat

Homes are often the center of our families, and Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit that seeks to build homes for families in need of a place to call their own. When Habitat Kent of Kent County, Michigan began their latest project for a multi-family home, Quality Edge committed to providing all the exterior siding and trim—as well as a designer to help give a vision for how to make a home that’s cohesive yet distinct for two different families. This article not only showcases the process of the Habitat project, but how TruCedar® Steel Siding and edging, and the QE color palette, all work together to create a dream home with curb appeal, creativity, and a sense of belonging.

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An A-Frame Earning an A+

Airbnb is becoming a popular destination for rentals that give more than a hotel ever could: comfort and a unique experience. Jennifer Ascani is the owner of a future Airbnb destination in East Lansing: The Pinecrest Point A-Frame House. Not only does this home channel Ascani’s vision for creating a cabin fit for any vacationer to escape the everyday, but it also features an exterior that we absolutely love. In an effort to give the A-Frame a retro flair with easy upkeep, Ascani’s builder recommended and utilized Quality Edge TruCedar® board and batten steel siding, giving the illusion of painted raw cedar without the tedious upkeep. Learn more about the heart behind the project, the use of products to create an eye-catching property, and explore other Airbnb locations that feature QE exterior products.

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