About Quality Edge


In the building industry, commitment to customer satisfaction requires focus.

At Quality Edge, our focus is to help you bring leading-edge, sustainable design solutions to every project you deliver.

We set the bar in service, innovation, product quality, and sustainable design. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But we are clear on the one thing we are most committed to: you and the customers you work with and serve.

Quality Edge Building Products


At Quality Edge, our pervasive driving force is the desire to evolve, to get better.

Some of the ways we strive to do this are through our service, marketing, product knowledge, 72 TAT (turnaround time from order placement to shipment) and quality… even our boxes!

We know that truly outstanding service is the result of the entire value chain executing consistently, with forward momentum. We strive to do great things. When challenges arrive, we work to resolve them creatively and systematically. We firmly believe that if everyone in that chain (customers, employees, vendors etc.) is executing at their highest capability, collectively we all will succeed.

Quality Edge Building Products


We are creative. Inventive. Some may call us idealists.

But innovation has been in us from the beginning – you could say it’s just in our DNA.

Our passion to raise new questions, to find new possibilities, and to regard old problems from a new angle shows in our long history of firsts.

QE has a history of firsts: pre-notched fascia and drip edge, hidden vent soffit, No-Mar® paint systems, 72 hour lead times, perforated packaging, IsoCoil®, a nose forward Gutter Protection that doesn’t fasten to the roof and beaded soffit. Just to name a few.

QE… where innovation never stops.

Quality Edge Building Products


Do you need a custom part that differentiates you from your competition? Or one that authentically matches a historic remodel?

Quality Edge can help. We have a unique ability to fabricate custom colors and shapes, so your options are endless.

If You Can Draw It We Can Make It!

  • Brick Ledges
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Column Covers
  • Crown Soffits
  • Crown Moldings
  • Custom Colors
  • Mantles
  • Slatwall
  • Termite Guards
  • Custom Lengths
  • Custom Shapes
  • Exterior & Interior Cladding
  • Fascia
  • Frieze Boards
  • Historical Crown Moldings
  • Wall Panels
  • Window Channels

Quality Edge Building Products


We aim to provide the best products in the world, which means the best products for your customers, their homes, and the world. That’s why sustainability is part of our social contract.

It begins with a passion for doing what is right – a long-term commitment to you and your customers, to the homes you build and remodel, and to future generations. Commitment demonstrated through genuine and honest action. It’s what separates measurable, long-term results from short-term promotional tactics.

We incorporate sustainability into everything we do by:

• Employing the World’s Most Recycled Materials – Aluminum and steel.

• Streamlining Manufacturing Processes – Through careful design and material specifications, we minimize the amount of scrap produced during manufacturing. We recycle 100% of the remains, contributing to the over 8 billion pounds of aluminum recycled annually.

• Creating Sustainable Designs – Our patented soffit designs provide as much as 60% more airflow into attic spaces. Improved airflow can prolong the life of building materials and reduce emissions and greenhouse gases associated with cooling and heating in improperly ventilated homes.

• Carefully Analyzing Material Processing and Chemistry – We use all low VOC processing agents, coatings, and adhesives in order to create a safer work environment that also reduces greenhouse gases.

If You Can Draw It We Can Make It!